UBIAI's powerful annotation platform provides a fast and efficient way to label data, train and deploy custom NLP models. It features an OCR Annotation tool for effective high-quality data labeling, team collaboration, model-assisted labeling, document classification, named entity extraction, multi-lingual annotation, and OCR annotation tool. UBIAI enables customers to compress their NLP development lifecycle, with a 50-80% reduction in annotation time, 5X cheaper cost to test and validate custom-NLP models, and 12X lesser manual annotations needed. It also tackles annotation complexity with ease, by unlocking data from scanned images and PDF documents. Additionally, UBIAI's auto-labeling feature allows customers to fast-track their NLP projects, and its pre-annotation feature allows customers to bootstrap their annotation project without wasting time. Finally, UBIAI also allows customers to generate training data and export models in multiple formats, making it a one-stop solution for all NLP needs.

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